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Some Photographs...
Some Photographs...

In my spare time, my favorite hobby is to take photographs. I don't have a ton of money to buy great equipment or make my own dark room, but nonetheless, my heart is a photographer's heart. I started taking photos of creepy, moldy, old, and Gothic tombstones at the tender age of 13 and now have books and books of these types of pictures. I also find derelict, abandoned buildings and structures to have a haunting beauty all their own. Besides this, anything in nature from a bird to a sunset, will also be found in my collection of photos. Here are just a few examples...

Some Wild Flowers
Near My Home

Brilliant Autumn Foliage

All photographs are the sole property of Holly Thomas

"Pretty Barn"
(*Somewhere in Pa*)

A Sad Little Tombstone
at Grandview Cemetery

Enjoy, but don't steal these! :-)

Masoleum Doors at
Grandview Cemetery, Pa

"Devil's Backbone" -- I thought this was a unique
name for a quiet, pretty little park in MD

Bedford Springs Hotel:
This is only a small section, it's abandoned and HUGE!

Until I get an updated photo, here is a picture
of my mother holding my pet Dumbo Rat: Damien


Thanks for Looking!