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#1 - Here's a link that will show you my auctions running each week on eBay:

Even MORE shameless self promotion! :o)

Find me at these two websites:

#2 - I was showcased on www.grrl.com in the past and you can view the doll Ms. Burton has owned since January 2001 under "Finds" and then "Creepy Dolls."

#3 - A link to my very dear friend's website! Please do check it out: She makes wonderful, creepy dolls - very different from mine - and occasionally sells on eBay under the seller name: monkshoodgardens. ALSO, offers tarot readings done in the Celtic spread for a mere $10.00 per reading! You can have the results e-mailed to you or sent via snail mail. She accepts Paypal for your convenience! Check out her website and e-mail her for more information at: macha@cox.net

#4 - You like Gothic Dolls? You must check out my friend's website! She's the best, so give it a click, okay?

Link #4: Shelter for Misfit Dolls

#5 - Have you seen Sarada's art yet? Because it's some of the most beautiful, Goth, witchy, Halloween, enchanted art I have EVER seen. Go check out her website. I promise you won't be disappointed!

#6 - Please visit the site for the Gothic Art Doll Swap, of which I'm a member. Read thru the site and check out the pictures for more information:

Link #6: GoTh ArT dOll SwAp

#7 - eBay Seller: jeanettecb
My sweetest friend, Jeanette's website. Gothic vampire dolls and so much more...go check it out. Her work ROCKS and I own about a million of her dolls:

#8 - Check out Kata's Website...another GREAT doll artist!

Link #8: Stupid Girl

#9 - The website of the band and my friend, Nick...Bridget Bishop RULES, and you'll find some of my dolls here soon:

Link #9: bridgetbishop.com

#10 - So many amazing dolls...including a few of mine! A must see!

#11 - Check out the fabulous Gothy, awesome dollies of Degoria...I love her work and you will, too!

Link #11: www.satanimals.com

#12 - Check out the INSANELY talented and EXTRAORDINARILY detailed dolls of eBay seller: thecatt. A fabulous person and wonderful friend who makes dark, primitive dollies:

#13 - You've got to take a peek at Suzy's website...very cool infants, kids, and ladies clothing. VERY different, unique, and funky. Take a look; you won't be disappointed!

#14 - The Hauntingly Beautiful Dolls of Beth Robinson. If you haven't seen these before, you've missed a MAJOR treat.


#15 -- The Website is under construction, but you MUST see the art and auctions of eBay seller: dollygagging!

Link #15: www.dollygagging.com

#16 -- Please check out the website of the BEST comic book artist in the industry: Tommy Castillo, and read my "Updates and News" page for more info about how I know him...

#17 -- Here is a link to a COOL ASS band, Spit for Athena. Check `em out, and say hi to Levi for me, while you're at it:

#18 - eBay seller: Zosomoto
My friend Jodi's website. She is also an eBay seller of eclectic Dark Dolls, so you don't want to miss out...go have a looksy:

#19 - Check out the COOL Handmade Art Dolls of Jacquelyn Warner. You don't want to miss these, people! :)

Link #19: www.agirlnamedjax.com

#20 - Take a look at the Skull and Fingerbone ADULT Comixxx of Cairo and Desmond. Incredible talent and incredible art:
18 or older, ONLY, though! 

#21 - Check out the website of my new favorite "local" band: Anything Jane. They kicked my ass with their covers of Disturbed, System of a Down, `n more, and rocked my world with their AMAZING original tracks. I think these boys are going somewhere...be sure to visit their website now! :)

Link #21: www.idiganythingjane.com

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