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#8) Contact Me / Custom Ordering Info


Hey, wanna buy some dolls, learn more about me and my art, or just send me some NICE comments, only? (I'm a very sensitive person, after all.) Feel free to write me an e-mail using the link below...


Eye guy wants to be friends

For those of you interested in buying directly from me, here's how custom ordering works:

       You tell me what you want -- if it's an original idea, I make a sketch. Once all the details are figured out, or if you want something I have already made, I'll get started on the item. (If you want something I have already made before, no sketches are required.)

       You are under no obligation to purchase at any time during the process -- I can always resale on eBay. Even when the work is done, you do not have to buy if you're not 100% happy with it. I'll send you e-mails periodically to keep you updated on the order's progress.
       Once completed, I'll send you scans and/or digital photos of the item. If you decide to buy, you then send me a payment just as we would if buying through eBay. DO NOT send ANY money until you've seen the completed artwork. I'm strict about that rule because I know that is how I would want to be treated when buying art.

       Shipping costs are the same as on eBay: $4.55 without insurance, $5.90 with it, and that can go up if you order multiple items. Insurance is available from $50 on up to $300. I ship USPS Priority Mail with tracking mandatory and insurance optional. You can pay with (preferred----->) www.paypal.com, a cashiers check, a money order, or www.BidPay.com. I do not accept personal checks, and I do not add handling charges.
      I can recreate items very close to the original piece, but all my stuff is made without patterns so you must allow for naturally occurring variations. Payment for custom orders is due within 10 days after you've seen the photos, unless an agreement otherwise has been worked out between us. In general, if I do not hear from a customer after photos are sent, I'll sale the doll on eBay within 30 days.

       All I ask is this: Twice now, I have made custom dolls for people who never paid. If you are not ready to purchase, please don't have me start an order until you are.
      I have set prices, but those prices will vary depending on the size, complexity, and detail of any particular item. Here is a very general, minimum price list:

1. "Voodoo" style Dolls start at: $25 each
2. Mini Rag Dolls start at: $40 each
3. Full Sized Rag Dolls start at between: $50 - $55 each
4. Throw Pillows start at: $35 each
5. Painted Things: All prices vary by piece
6. Set of Three Mini Rag Dolls start at: $55.00 per set
7. Ornament Versions of my Dolls start at: $15.00 each
*These are not set prices, certain items may cost more or less. Please e-mail me for an exact quote. This list is to give you a general idea of my prices.*
"Voodoo" Style Dolls range in size from 9" up to 13" tall or more, if there are horns or hair on the head. Usually, they are between 4 to 5 and 1/2" wide arm to arm.
Mini Rag Dolls will run anywhere from 9" up to 12" tall by about 3 to 5" wide arm to arm.
Full Sized Rag Dolls will run anywhere from 15" up to 24" or more from feet to head by anywhere from 6" on up to 9" or more arm to arm.
Throw Pillows generally measure around 11" tall by 8 or 9" wide and about 3" thick.
Painted Things vary depending on the painted thing!
* HERE'S A TIP: If you want to collect my work, but can't afford the price of a full sized rag doll, consider ordering your doll as a MINI. It will save you some money, while still allowing you to purchase the dolly you crave! :) *

 For Businesses: I have sold to several different stores over the years, and if you are a place of business, the same above terms apply to you when ordering from me. However, I ask that ALL businesses sign the contract below and I will not sell to any store that refuses. Upon placing an order with me, I'll send you two copies of this contract along with a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope. Both copies will be signed and dated by me, then you will sign and date them both, keep one, and finally return the other to me in the SASE.

     Also, if you order multiple items, I do offer wholesale discounts to businesses ONLY. The more you order, the less each doll will cost. The amount of the discount depends on the doll's complexity and the amount ordered. Contact me for more information.

Artist Contract: Holly Thomas

(for businesses ONLY)

This is to state the terms of sale and resale between Holly Thomas (artist) and _________________ (buyer). Upon purchasing any art from Holly Thomas (voodoo dolls, pillows, rag dolls, fabric paintings, or any other offered art) the buyer has the following rights:

1.       To resale the art items in their store.

2.       To resale the art on a website representing that store.

Holly Thomas retains the following rights to every piece of art she makes:

1.       The full, 100% copyright ownership to her art (which includes the items themselves and the designs on those items.)

2.       The right to sale her art on www.eBay.com or ANY other auction or Internet format of her choosing, as well as art galleries, her website, and other stores or shops.  ______________________(buyer) may NOT resale Holly Thomas' art on Internet auctions that would compete with her sales on eBay.

3.       The right to change her designs or change prices at any time. (Will provide prior notice of any changes to buyer.)

4.       None of Holly Thomas art can be reproduced under ANY circumstances whatsoever.

5.       The right to hold personal or business checks 10 full business days before shipping product order.

6.       By purchasing art items from Holly Thomas (artist), _______________________(buyer) retains no rights to this art other than the right to resale in their store or a website representing that store. Holly Thomas retains the right to make any art items again and sell them on her own.